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About Us

About Us

"The appearance of New Chapter was totally because of my son, Karry." LinYi, the New Chapter's founder said.

Every day, Karry would come from school to enjoy his grandfather's company with a table of cuisine served for him. This daily routine and precious time together in the dining room left him a big impression. On his 16th birthday, he made a wish. "I wish that we can have a restaurant!" Karry told LinYi.

After considering Karry's wish, LinYi found that I could be possible for us to run a business by owning a restaurant. "I started to plan everything and start to work on this with my son." said LinYi. "I think this would be the best birthday present I would never ever had!" Karry said. "I wish that everyone who is having meal here can enjoy the current moment, just like grandpa and me!"

-Welcome to New Chapter- a place for you and your loved ones~

What Makes New Chapter Special

New Chapter's Special

Eating tasty and heart-warming meals makes us feel home. The New Chapter provides three main meals - BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER everyday. We serve you with the freshest delicacies and providing you delicious, hearty meals. You will be pleasantly surprised with our specially designed dishes just for you!

New Chapter aims to provide a warm and lovely place to everyone of you from being so stressed and tiring in this hustle and bustle city. We also provide some special promotions such as student price meals, celebration or holiday promotions and etc.

New Chapter is now available for online food delivery service supported by Food Panda and Grab Food! Do not hestitate to have an online food buying experience from us! We care for our customers~ Feel free to do an online reservation from our official website before visiting us to avoid queuing with your hungry stomach. How great it would be when you can have a table reserved for you once you reached a restaurant!

Take a look through some of our menu selections. Who knows you might discover some surprise?

Enjoy discovering New Chapter!


Our Chef

Boboruan Yustris - Main Chef of New Chapter

Mr. Boboruan Yustris also known as "The King of Meals" has been working for New Chapter over 20 years."I love cooking in the sense that it really makes my life to be more meaningful. Looking people enjoying your meal pleasantly is the most precious feeling in my life!"

Yustris has won "The Best Cooker" in the Internation Master Chef Competition in 2018, "The Best Chef" and "Creative Medal" in the Japan Cooking Competition in 2016. "I love to create new things and decorate stuff! That's why you can see that New Chapter's menu lists are keep on changing! This is to give our customers a surprise and keep on trying out new things." Mr. Yustris said.

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Sunday & Public Holidays:10a.m.-10p.m.

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